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The required power of heater depends on size of room, its insulation, outside temperature. The following table gives recommendations what power depending on the size and height of the room with
Heating elements, used in ADAX, GLAMOX heating and NOREL heaters have a very important point: doesn't burn oxygen and dust particles. During period of heating you are not feeling "burnt
Panel heaters with mechanical thermostats are cheaper, than with electronic, but their disadvantage is that they are slow to react to changes in temperature in the room. If the electronic thermostat
On electric heater panel display continuously flashing letter rE means that the power cutout was for more than 24 hours. These letters flashing occur for ADAX or GLAMOX heating heaters with
For ADAX, GLAMOX heating and NOREL electric heaters standard is color white, except for ADAX NEO and GLAMOX heating H30, which are available in 4 standard colors: white, red, black and silver. For
First check: there is no power cutout heater plug is plugged into wall socket heater is switched on If above points are not reasons for not working heater, try to set
If the actual room temperature does not correspond with thermostat settings, e.g. heater is stopping to heat earlier, then set temperature, the thermostat should be calibrated. How to do this, please


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.