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ADAX produced heaters are suited to heat all kinds of buildings and premises: flats, apartments, private houses, cottages, villas, balconies and etc. For buyers are offered wide range of heating systems and heaters beginning from economy segment with mechanical or electronic thermostat to premium segment heating systems, managed from mobile phone by WiFi application. Therefore, all customers will find the right heater or heating system, which will satisfy the most demanding customer needs and requirements. 

The balconies usually are small size, so to heat them small size heaters are the right choice. The range of heaters, offered by ADAX, starts from 250 W, which are convenient to heat small premises and maintain minimum temperature: NEO H/L, CLEA H/L, GLAMOX heating TPA/TLO, H40 H/L, H60 H/L. 

Usually in balconies and other premises like this, there is need only to maintain the constant temperature at certain level, for example keeping from freezing. ADAX heaters accurately maintain the preset temperature, so as also the minimum preset temperature of 5 0C, as unfreezing temperature. Heaters controlled by ADAX WiFi / GLAMOX heating WiFi application allows you to see the temperature in premises without being in place and to change it, if you prefer.  

With ADAX heaters you will have:
  • Steady temperature in premises
  • Energy saving, efficiency and effective heating of facilities

Electric panel heaters main advantages:
  • Compact size - does not occupy much space
  • Easy to install 
  • Doesn't require maintenance
  • Doesn't burn oxygen and dust
  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Low temperature for reachable surfaces
  • No sharp edges
  • Anti frost guard
  • Silent heating
  • Safe heating
  • Environmentally friendly

Balconies are also the places, where clothes and etc. are dried. Therefore balconies are an ideal place to install drying rack TKH, which dries well clothes and shoes. And after assembling footwear dryer ST3 D would be possible to dry wet shoes and gloves. 


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.