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Do you need to warm up a moderately sized area quickly and efficiently? ADAX has portable heaters and fan heaters for this eventuality. Choose between heaters with new and daring designs, or classic models with nonflammable steel housings. Common to all models is their mobility and efficiency!

VG5 - portable heater

The market's smallest portable heater has an elegant and compact design. Low heat radiation towards the floor prevents drying up and discoloration. 3-step switch and electromechanical or electronic thermostat, safeguarded against overheating. Available in 4 models. Model VG5 20 TV has a built-in, quiet running fan. Model ETV has a fan, a silent electronic thermostat and is Economy Plug ready.

VV9 - fan heater

Non-flammable steel housing, 3-step switch, 2000 W output, fully adjustable thermostat, quiet axial fan. Overheating safeguarded. Quick, safe heating. Could be used as just fan.

Placed on floor. Supplied with cable and plug. 5 year warranty.

why worth?

  • Heat where you want
  • Efficient heating
  • Modern design
  • Metal body
  • Safeguarded against overheating
  • Standing on the floor
  • Adjustable power
Any questions?
  Name Power Measurements Article No.  
Portable heater VG5 15 T 1500 W 510x340x160 mm 505150 More
Portable heater VG5 20 T 2000 W 510x340x160 mm 505250 More
Portable heater VG5 20 TV 2000 W 510x340x160 mm 505200 More
Portable heater VG5 20 ETV 2000 W 510x340x160 mm 505000 More
Fan heater VV9 T 2000 W 330x245x135 mm 555010 More

T - with mechanical thermostat;
ET - with electronic thermostat;
V - with the fan.



For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.