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ADAX produced heaters are suited to heat various buildings and facilities: apartments, private homes, cottages, villas, commercial premises, offices, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and etc. For buyers are offered wide range of heating systems and heaters beginning from economy segment with mechanical or electronic thermostat to premium segment heating systems, managed from mobile phone by WiFi application. Therefore, all customers will find the right heater or heating system, which will satisfy the most demanding customer needs and requirements. Who needs affordable and easily managed heaters, we can offer portable VP10 P, VP11 P series heaters. If there is the need for inexpensive and easily managed, but stylish heater - we can offer NEO, CLEA, TPA/TLO and other series heaters.

ADAX NEO, CLEA, GLAMOX heating TPA/TLO, H30, H40, H60 series electric heaters are modern and elegant design, suitable for different environments and are managed by using modern and advanced control systems. NEO NP/NL, H30 H/L series heaters are available in 4 different colors (white, red, black and silver) and with a built-in programmable digital thermostat, allowing to program separate day and night setback modes. For remote control of heaters ADAX offers NEO H/L, CLEA H/L, H40 H/L or H60 H/L electric panel heaters. They are with WiFi thermostats managed by WiFi application. The stylish and exclusive GLAMOX heating TPA/TLO panel heaters are equipped with a programmable digital thermostat. Both WiFi and programmable digital thermostats do have additional features such as open window/door detection, adaptive start and more.

With ADAX heaters you will have:
  • Comfortable temperature in the premises
  • Comfortable temperature during the time you need and economy temperature then premises are not in use
  • Energy saving, efficiency and effective heating of facilities

Electric panel heaters main advantages:
  • Compact - does not occupy much space
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn't require maintenance
  • Various sizes, wide range of models, various heights, colours and designs which best suit the requirements and interior
  • Doesn't burn oxygen and dust
  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Programmable day and night temperature reductions
  • Control from distance by WiFi application
  • Frost guard mode
  • Safe to use
  • Environmentally friendly


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.