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ADAX ECO.. KET series panel heaters are a simple, stylish and economic panel heaters for all types of rooms. Reliable electronic programmable thermostat and precise regulation make ECO Basic heater ideal for home, commercial and other heating installations. It is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a reliable heater with a modern slimline design. Safeguarded against overheating, with an on/off switch and electronic programmable thermostat. Easy to install with a detachable wall bracket, doesn't burn dust and oxygen, supplied with cable and plug. Available models with glass front 250 W output and with steel front 250, 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1400 and 2000 W outputs. Temperature range of thermostat 5 - 35°C. 5 year warranty.

why worth?

  • Economical, efficient heat
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t burn oxygen and dust
  • Safeguarded against overheating
  • Heating of humid premises
  • Silent heat
Any questions?
  Name Power Measurements Article No.  
Panel heater ADAX ECO02 KET 250 W 330x400х97 mm 692000 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO04 KET 400 W 330x470х97 mm 692010 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO06 KET 600 W 330x554х97 mm 692020 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO08 KET 800 W 330x674х97 mm 692030 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO10 KET 1000 W 330x714х97 mm 692040 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO12 KET 1200 W 330x894х97 mm 692050 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO14 KET 1400 W 330x1009х97 mm 692060 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO20 KET 2000 W 330x1374х97 mm 692070 More
Panel heater ADAX ECO02 KET White Glass 250 W 330x400х97 mm 810020 More


K - with cable and plug;
ET - with electronic programmable thermostat.



For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.