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Heating elements, used in ADAX, GLAMOX heating and Norel heaters

Heating elements, used in ADAX, GLAMOX heating and NOREL heaters have a very important point: doesn't burn oxygen and dust particles. During period of heating you are not feeling "burnt oxygen" effect. The reason for this are special heating elements in heaters, which do not reach more than 245 - 250 0С.

Traditional heating element temperature can reach up to 4500С


ADAX heating element temperature can reach up to  2500C

The burning of dust accelerates at temperatures above 2500C. The combination of large heating element surface, effective air flow and electronic thermostat reduces the temperature below the point where burning of dust takes place.
                        Heating element of GLAMOX heating and NOREL heaters. Characteristics are same as for ADAX heating element.
           The dust free space surrounding hot bodies - is generated as cool air flows towards warmer surfaces. Around the hot surface a barrier prevents the dust/particles in getting in direct contact with the surface. The upward pull made by the warm air limits the time the dust is close to the heating element to a fraction of a second. These physical condition are the reason that convector heaters have none or minor influence on the indoor air quality. If heating element temperature could reach 2500C and more, the dust particles would be attracted to heated surface and burned.



For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.