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New products: ADAX NEO H/L and CLEA H/L heaters managed thru WiFi network from mobile phone

New generation heaters with WiFi thermostat NEO H/L and CLEA H/L - contemporary, elegant, slim line form eminently suits modern interiors and adapted to different premises: residential, commercial, and etc.. Heaters fit all interiors and ensures comfortable heating for which the ADAX is famous for a long time.

Heater’s protection class IP24 (splash proof), so they can be installed both in ordinary household or commercial premises as well as in humid premises such as bathroom and laundry.

Built-in wireless thermostat WT allows to heat the premises, when it is needed, and reduce the room temperature at night or day, when you are sleeping or not at home. If your plans will change, you can easily change the current settings with your smart phone or tablet by using the mobile app (application), regardless your location.

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For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.