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Android device: ADAX WiFi APP cannot find a heater while registering with “SC” method

1. Check if Smart Config  “SC” is on the screen of the thermostat after failed registration. If it is on screen that means phone have not send the data. Repeat the process again.
2. Try to register a heater in a following order:

   2.1. Go to DEVICES >> Add product >> Add heater; 
   2.2. Select correct SSID name (local or home internet connection name) and type in correct internet password;
   2.3. Reset heater. Hold „OK“, „-“ and „+“ buttons for ~ 5 seconds until „rE“ flashes in the screen;
   2.4. Go to Phone settings >> WiFi settings >> Connect SSID-AD-1010101 or other SSID-ADAX;
   2.5. Switch back to APP and press NEXT. If the JOIN notification appears, press cancel and it should start to search and register. If it does not appear, please repeat.

3. Try to update ADAX WiFi APP to latest version.
4. Try registering using different mobile device: another Android or iPhone.
5. If this does not help, please provide us with: your customer ID, name of the heater, firmware version of the heater.


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.