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Tips helping to register the heater

Tips helping to register the heater:

1. 5 GHz WiFi network should be disabled on the router. WiFi thermostat works only with 2.4 GHz bandwidth;

2. Mobile phone and WiFi thermostat must be connected to the same WiFi network when connecting or upgrading;

3. WiFi network must be secured with password. There are no possibility to connect heater in public open WiFi network due to security reasons;

4. MAC filtering on router should be off;

5. Phone and heater are registered using WiFi router directly. Therefore, if a WiFi booster is being used, it needs to be turned off at the moment of registering a heater;

6. In case heater was not registered successfully few times:
   6.1. Android: try manual registration procedure (alternative registration) by holding „OK“, „-“ and „+“ buttons for ~ 5 seconds until „rE“ flashes in the screen;
   6.2. Android: disable firewall and antivirus APP’s;
   6.3. Android: turn Wifi OFF and back ON;
   6.4. Android: turn phone OFF and back ON;
   6.5. Do factory reset (hold „OK“, „-“ and „+“ buttons for ~ 5 seconds until „rE“ flashes in the screen).


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.