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ADAX VP11 P series compact free standing portable heaters are economical, simple and effective, could be placed, where is need for small dimensions and precise temperature control. Safeguarded against overheating, with an on/off switch and either a electromechanical or electronic thermostat. Easy to install with floor stands P, doesn't burn dust and oxygen. Supplied with cable and plug. Available models with 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 W outputs. Temperature range of thermostat 6 - 30°C. 5 year warranty.

why worth?

  • Economical, efficient heat
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t burn oxygen and dust
  • Safeguarded against overheating
  • Safe for children, animals
  • Heating of humid premises
  • Silent heat
Any questions?
  Name Power Measurements Article No.  
Portable heater ADAX VP1105 KTP 500 W 420x370х54 mm 646805 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1110 KTP 1000 W 420x540х54 mm 646810 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1115 KTP 1500 W 420x730х54 mm 646815 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1120 KTP 2000 W 420x950х54 mm 646820 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1105 KETP 500 W 420x370х54 mm 646905 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1110 KETP 1000 W 420x540х54 mm 646910 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1115 KETP 1500 W 420x730х54 mm 646915 More
Portable heater ADAX VP1120 KETP 2000 W 420x950х54 mm 646920 More


K - with cable and plug;
T - with mechanical thermostat;
ET - with electronic thermostat;
P - portable (with floor stands P)​. 



For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.