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If you want a simple and affordable solution that makes your home smarter, your life easier - look no further. Sikom GSM control system is what you need.

With a remote controlled heating solution Sikom GSM you will always get a warm welcome when you arrive at your home or summer house (cabin). Instead of spending the hours after you arrived on waiting for the cabin to reach a liveable temperature, you can do what you came to do: settle in, relax and recharge your batteries.

Sikom GSM advantages:
  • You'll never have to spend time in the freezing cold to achieve a liveable indoor temperature; 
  • You will not be met by cold and damp bedding; 
  • Your remote control is in your pocket.

Sikom GSM central control panel is managed from mobile phone using SikomLivink app, designed for iOS and Android operating systems, from any place of world. It's intuitive and easy to learn to use the program, which turns your phone in to the remote control.

Sikom GSM control system consist of:
  • Central control panel GSM Eco Comfort for wall mounting;
  • Central control panel GSM Eco Controller for mounting on DIN-rails in the fuse box;
  • Radio thermostat Eco GLAMOX Receiver;
  • Floor heating thermostat Eco Termostat SI-3, 16 Amp.;
  • Floor heating thermostat Eco Termostat SI-3, 10 Amp.;
  • On/off socket Eco Node Wall Socket, controlled by radio, max. 16 Amp.

It is easy to get started with the SikomLiving app, just follow these steps:
  • Download the SikomLiving app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play;
  • Power up the central control panel;
  • Wait until the central control panel is online on the GSM network;
  • Enter the products unique value code into the app. The central panel is now connected, and your smartphone is the remote control.

GSM central control panel can control up to 64 wireless devices, installed in your house. There are 2 types of control panels:
  • GSM Eco Comfort for wall mounting;
  • GSM Eco Controller for mounting on DIN-rails in the fuse box.

They both come with pre-installed SIM cards witch chooses the strongest GSM network regardless of provider in your country. Annual SIM card usage fee 39 EUR and it is payable to equipment manufacturer, which also performs equipment and software technical support.  

For installations in GLAMOX heating TPA/TLO 3001 series heaters. Temperature range of thermostat 5 - 35°C. 5 year warranty.


why worth?

  • Precise and quick control
  • Energy efficient
  • Day and night temperature reductions/settings
  • Operated from a mobile phone
  • The central panel can control up to 64 devices
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For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.