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Splash-proof panel heater ADAX VPS1004 EM with electronic thermostat. For mounting on the wall with special wall brackets (comes with the heater), with connection box for permanent installation wires, doesn't burn oxygen and particles of dust. Degree of protection IP24C, so could be installed in bathrooms and other humid premises.

Temperature range of thermostat 6 - 30°C. 5 year warranty.

why worth?

  • Economical, efficient heating
  • Easy to control
  • Precise electronic thermostat
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t burn oxygen and dust
  • Safeguarded against overheating
  • Safe for children, animals
  • Heating of humid premises
  • Silent heat
Any questions?
Manufacturer ADAX
Model VPS1004 EM
Article No. 782210
Power, W 400
Voltage, V 230
Degree of protection IP24C
Measurements, mm 325x388x105-130
Maximum temperature of touchable surfaces, 0C 60
Protection against overheating Installed
Electronic thermostat Installed
The thermostat is on right side of heater Yes
With connection box for connection permanent installation wires Yes
Color White
Minimum installing distance from top of heater, mm 120
Minimum installing distance from bottom of heater, mm 50


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.