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ADAX Symphony 5000 + GSMA - the complete control system for heating, lighting and appliances in houses, cottages, etc.

Energy and money saving system, because there is hardly anything that Symphony 5000 cannot do for you. It remotely controls heating, lights, car motor heaters, under floor heating, ventilation and electric appliances - both indoors and out. It "knows" when you are at home, when you are asleep, and which rooms you use at different times of the day. In other words, individual temperature control in each room at all times of the day.

Simple to use:
  • Symphony 5000 is a practical energy saver you will not find the likes of. It transmits radio signals to each individual heater and relay
  • The display shows you in text and graphics what information the system needs. As many as 16 zones may have their individual heating program. For relays, there are 8 zones
  • Equally suited to homes, schools and kindergartens, as well as commercial buildings. ADAX Symphony 5000 provides you with the most advanced and most comfortable way of saving electricity
  • The central unit in the system is the remote control Symphony CTA. Thermostats for the heaters are called CRA. You can also have a thermostat and sensor for under floor heating, SFA

GSMA - the complete heating and security caretaker. Ever wondered whether there are intruders in your cabin? How about the possibility of being warned if the temperature drops below zero? GSMA is the two-way communication, and the box in your cabin knows when it should call you with situation reports. System could be managed by SMS. SIM-card (prepaid or regular) should be inserted in the unit. SMS are short and coded.

For installations in ADAX Multi/CLEA heaters. Temperature range of thermostat 6 - 30°C. 5 year warranty.

why worth?

  • Precise and quick control
  • Efficient energy use
  • Day and night temperature reduction/setting
  • Controlled by central unit CTA
  • Possibility to control with GSMA unit using SMS communication
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For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.